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A Word About Petch...

Football (GO RAVENS), Soccer (GO MANCHESTER UNITED), Food, Eating, Laughing, Wii,

Favorite Concert:
David Cook (Last Year it was awesome)

Harry Potter Movies, James Bond Movies

Glee, All the CSI Shows, Hell’s Kitchen.

My Wife…just an amazing woman

Books or Magazines:
Mens Health, People, ESPN

Websites to Visit:
Facebook…does that count?, & Of course

Memorable On-air Moment:
The first year we did Del-A-Wish, When we got a Fire victim a new home & a Dad who was going Blind & a final Vacation with his Family so he could see them have fun at Disney.

Little Known Fact About Me:
I love to tease Paula every Morning (Oh I think everyone knows that)

Dream Interview:
Simon Cowell (As we have so much in Common, We are both British)

Strangest Rumor I ever Heard About Myself:
That I have Talent

Football (Love them Ravens)

Fave Local Bars/Clubs:
Park Place & Bubba’s

Fave Local Restaurants:
Abbotts Grill & Bonz.

Worst Habit:
Not knowing when to stop working (As I do this on a Sunday Afternoon)

Recurring Fantasy:
HITTING the lottery for millions..

Recurring Nightmare:
NOT hitting the lottery for millions…

Fave Escape:
Orlando Florida.

Fave Food:
The Dude Pizza (All Meat & Baked Beans)

Fave Thing About Work:
I love the chemistry Paula and I have. Myself & Paula are like Brother & Sister, I am happy to have her in my life…She is caring, compassionate, funny, witty, a great person and an amazing friend. I also like that we are able to be ourselves…love what I do and who I do it with.

Typical Breakfast:
Oatmeal & Berries now I’m on my Diet

Prized Possession:
My Macbook & Iphone

Greatest Invention Ever:
Facebook…I can stalk from the comforts of my couch now

Favorite Junk Food?
Anything BBQ, Pizza, Chinese Food (All the stuff that isn’t good for me)

Do You Like to Cook?
Yes but I don’t do it as often as I should (Right Mrs Petch)

Pet Peeve:
People who drive in the left lane when the right lane is empty

In a Heartbeat:
Katy Perry, Eva Longoria

2 Dogs, Franky & Oreo, 1 Cat called Duck (Don’t Ask)

Three Things to Do Before You Die:
Have my own TV Show (PETCH TOUGH LOVE), See the Ravens in the Super Bowl, Win the lottery

Send Petch an email, at

A Word About Paula...

I came to Delmarva in 1994 from the Washington DC area (where I grew up) and have been enjoying it ever since.

When I'm not at work, I'm likely at a concert or a restaurant (anyone for sushi?), two of my favorite passtimes! I've been to literally hundreds of concerts over the years and still go every chance I get.

Some of my very favorite artists include Steve Vai, Cowboy Mouth, Lenny Kravitz, Stone Sour, Live, The Cult, Hanoi Rocks plus many artists we play on Eagle too. I am a self procaimed Rock Chic and have lived the lifestyle to prove it.

These days although I still go to lots of concerts, I'm more often relaxing in my organizationally challenged home with my sweet metal head boyfriend and our two cats (an all black Halloween style cat and a big fat black and white) and our two dogs (a weiner dog and a cocker mix). One of my aspirations is world travel, maybe my foreign friend Petch can recommend some fun locations, he's been everywhere!

Email me anytime with show ideas for me and Petch to do, concert reviews, pet stories, and especially-clutter busting tips!


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