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Petch & Amy Podcast

Tuesday Feb 9th

Dad gives embarrassing haircut for bad grades

Kids, ages 6 and 4, give their pet goldfish a touching toilet funeral

The Money Secrets You Should Never Keep in a Relationship

A recent report found roughly 13 million Americans have a hidden bank or credit card account. If you’re being financially unfaithful, it’s only a matter of time before those secrets catch up to you. Therapist Sunny Shulkin said the best way to put an end to financial infidelity is to be truthful and reveal your money secrets so that trust can re-enter the relationship:

Here is some financial dirty laundry you need to air out.

You’re paying child support for a child you never mentioned

If a large chunk of your money is going toward child support, you need to say something. It will eventually become difficult to keep a secret like this because your spouse will start to wonder why the household finances are always so tight. It would be in your best interest to mention any children from a previous relationship. Secrets like this usually don’t go over very well if they’re uncovered accidentally.

You have a spending problem

Do you shop a lot and can’t seem to stop? If you make frequent purchases and feel the need to hide them in your closet or garage, you may have a problem with spending. If your spending is out of control, you should let your partner know what is going on so you can both work on getting help. A shopping addiction, if not addressed, can ruin your financial life. Come clean and work on a plan to help you get a handle on spending.

You have an expensive hobby or secret lifestyle

If you secretly spend your time after work at the gentlemen’s club or you’re spending your paycheck on subscriptions to adult websites, this may eventually result in a money drain that could become harder to conceal.

If you feel the need to hide these activities from your spouse, you may need to have a bigger conversation about how you spend your free time and explore why you feel the need to hide this part of your life. Sometimes financial infidelity is an outgrowth of a bigger problem in your relationship. You may discover you’ve both been feeling disconnected from each other and have been searching for something outside the marriage to fill the void.

Monday Feb 8th

Adorable video shows toddler going into 'statue mode' as he gets in trouble

Cam Newton Walks Off Postgame Interview Following Tough Super Bowl 50 Loss

7 Things Parents and Teens Need to Know About Snapchat

Here are a few things teens and parents need to know before another post is made:

1. Snapchat isn’t for kids younger than 13

If you’re between 13 and 17 years old, a parent or legal guardian is expected to understand and agree to Snapchat’s terms of service, which gives them permission to access certain personal information, including your email address, age or other details.

If you have younger children, consider the Snapkidz app, which lets them take pictures and draw on them, without sending them to anyone.

2. Privacy settings are two-pronged

Snapchat has two settings, with the option of “my friends” and “everyone.” One controls who can see what you post. The other controls who can send you photos.

Make sure both of those settings are set on “my friends” so you have greater control over the media you send and receive.

3. You should control your friends list

Like every other social-media site, you’ll get spam and ads, so don't add anyone to your friends list unless you’re sure you know who they are.

4. Snapchats won’t disappear

Many users think that because the app only lets photos appear on a receiver's phone between one and 10 seconds, they will disappear before they do any harm. But people who see the photos can save them easily by taking a screenshot or a photo with another device.

That's how things that were supposed to disappear in 10 seconds go viral.

5. Replay feature increases sharing

One function allows users to replay a snap sent to them any time within the past 24 hours. So if your photo is one you don't want shared, the damage is done.

6. Illegal content can be reported

Pornography, nudity or sexually suggestive content involving minors, minors engaged in physically dangerous or harmful activities, invasions of privacy, threats, harassment or bullying, impersonation and self-harm all violate Snapchat’s community guidelines.

If you receive any snapchats fitting in those categories, you can report the user on Snapchat’s website.

7. Blocking feature secretly 'unfriend'

If your child is being bullied or harassed by someone, that person can be blocked. Their names will remain on your friends' list, but your name disappears from theirs. They won’t be told they're blocked, but they won't find you even if they search for you.

Friday Feb 5th

YouTube prankster dives into pool at shopping centre before being booted out

Thursday Feb 4th

Dad & Baby Lip Sync While Mom’s At Work

Sleep Arguments Every Couple Has

You know what people tend to find when they fall in love? Those who like loosely fitted sheets so they can kick their feet around at night and those who like to be sealed into their bed like sardines in a damn CAN! You can see why that would present a problem.

Okay this isn’t technically a sleep-related argument so much as a general bed argument, but every couple argues over whether or not food can be in the bed. Or, they argue over what type of food can be in the bed.

You like to sleep with your phone on silent so you’re not woken by stupid drunk texts from friends at 3am. But what’s the point if he leaves his phone’s ringer on?

If you’re trying to turn in by 10 pm, but your partner is going in and out of the bedroom until midnight, what’s the point? He is stealing that sleep from you!

Wednesday Feb 3rd

Startup Claims Lab Grown Meat Will Be On Shelves Within Three Years

10 White Lies All Best Friends Have Told Each Other

1. “I’ve already deleted it.”

When you’ve taken a hilarious ugly photo of them that you fully intend to keep for devious uses in the future.

2. “You look perfect in that, honestly, now come on, let’s go.”

When they’re taking forever to decide what to wear and you really don’t want to be late.

3. “You look absolutely incredible.”

When there’s no rush, but they just need a confidence boost.

4. “It wasn’t that bad.”

When they’ve done something pretty awful* while drunk the night before, and they’re kind of freaking out.

*Once it’s safely in the past you will take great joy in painfully describing to them just how awful it really was.

5. “Yeah I agree, they looked so much better when you were together.”

When your best friend asks whether you think their ex has got uglier since they stopped dating, but you never especially liked them in the first place.

6. “I heard they’re completely miserable; it sounds like you’re handling the breakup much better.”

Because sometimes reassurance is much more important than the truth.

7. “Can I borrow your top?”

What you really mean is: “Can I borrow your top for tonight, but then not give it back and keep it forever and ever?”

8. “You made out with [insert Person They Really, Really Would Never Want to Make Out With here].”

Just to see their reaction and take advantage of how wasted they got last night.

9. “Yeah, I hate them too.”

When your best friend has a new enemy but you don’t have much of a feeling about them either way.

*Soon you will genuinely hate them just as much, if not more, than they do – because that’s how best friendships work.

10. “Drunk calories don’t count.”

This is as much for your benefit as theirs.

Tuesday Feb 2nd

Winning cities see a rise in births nine months after Super Bowl Sunday

Experts Bust 7 Myths About Your Love Life
TRUTH: There is no time at which a woman between the ages of 15 and 50 can't get pregnant. The window of opportunity for a woman to conceive can occur is a brief three to four day-period which occurs around the cycle days of 18 or 19.
But a good egg released during ovulation has a life span of possibly about four or five days days and healthy sperm can fertilize an egg for up to four days.

TRUTH: In women, orgasm might actually help the pain of a headache, canceling out the age-old ‘Not tonight’ excuse.

Truth: Sex can induce labor, but the cervix needs to be ready. Semen contains hormones that can soften the cervix and stimulate contractions - but only if you’re close to your due date. If the cervix isn’t ripe, it won’t be receptive to the hormones.

TRUTH: Around half of all women and one in 2,000 men will develop a urinary tract infection (UTI) each year. Sex is a common cause of UTIs, and peeing before sex ‘is the number one cause of post-coital urinary tract infections.’
Not urinating before sex means you will have enough urine stored in the bladder to create a strong stream, making it more likely that bacteria will be flushed out later.

TRUTH: Heart attack patients are often worried about getting busy between the sheets but researchers have found that sexual activity is not a risk factor in any future heart attacks. Less than one per cent of patients reported having sex within an hour before having a heart attack.

TRUTH: In fact, lying down instead is more effective at increasing your chances of pregnancy. A study in the UK found that women who lay flat for 15 minutes have a 50 percent greater chance of getting pregnant than those who immediately get up and walk around.

TRUTH: Four out of five people experience at least one episode of severe lower back pain in their lifetimes and up to 84 percent of men and 73 percent of women with the condition report a decrease in the frequency of sex.
A study in the journal Spine found that certain positions could make sex less painful for sufferers – depending on the type of back pain you have. Women with low back pain should arch their backs or lie on their stomachs during sex. For men, doggy style is the best position.

Monday Feb 1st

Spend Valentine's Day in a 'Netflix and Chill'-themed room

That Moment Your Mom Hears Nicki Minaj For The First Time

Rihanna & Miguel sing "My Girl"


ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)...

If you missed us on TV for our 12 Days of Christmas

3rd Annual 12 Days of Christmas (2015)

Big thank you to everyone from 1CW, the wrestlers, and the fans! We raised $500 to kick off our annual radiothon to benefit Nemours A.I. DuPont Hospital for Children

Petch & Amy's 1st Annual Local Awards

Carlisle Fire Co.'s Open House & Recruitment Day 05.16.15

Nemours-AI DuPont Children's Hospital Prom 2015

If you don't know who Petch is, please take the time to listen to this song and get to know him.

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Amy's Version of Chainsmoker's "Selfie"

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