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Eagle In The Morning

Petch & Amy Podcast

Friday June 26th

Shocking Video Emerges Of Girl Being Attacked While Holding A TODDLER


Thursday June 25th

Grizzly Bear Has Fun Playing in Swimming Pool

Wednesday June 24th

Snoop Dogg daughter's Sweet 16 party

An unnamed man received a $500,000 judgment from a jury after accidentally recording his doctors as they performed a colonoscopy on him

Tuesday June 23rd

'Tonight Show' Wheel of Impressions with Seth MacFarlane

Guy Reveals His Secret Underground Beer Stash

Monday June 22nd

Parachutist saved by pal after chute fails

How To.... Make Spaghetti-and-Meatball Tacos

Friday June 19th

Madonna's New Video

Poncho struggle is real

Puppy's play dead performance is Oscar worthy

Thursday June 18th

Arnold Pranks Fans as the Terminator...for Charity

Wednesday June 17th

Jeb Bush ‘Slow Jams’ the News with Jimmy Fallon

Uncle of the year pulls off high-flying dunk

Tuesday June 16th

Guys finds look alike to take DNA test
This 25-year-old guy in England got a woman pregnant a few years ago, but denied the baby was his. A court ordered a DNA test, so he found a guy who LOOKED like him to take the test. He just got six months in jail for conspiracy to defraud . . . which will be suspended as long as he pays child support.

First Dance? First Lap Dance: Drunk groom falls

A Rock Climber Makes One Mistake, and Immediately Pays for It

Omiros, 7b fall. from Kieran Duncan on Vimeo.

Guys Get Excited When They Find Out Their Wives Are Pregnant

Monday June 15th

John Stamos arrested for DUI

John Stamos got a DUI Friday night. He was pulled over in Beverly Hills for driving erratically, and was so out of it that the cops handcuffed him, and had paramedics take him to a hospital. To see the video, click here!

Shia Auditions For The Voice


Friday June 12th

The Philippine diving team is currently competing in the 2015 Southeast Asian Games

Will Ferrell and Kristen Wig Go Full Hysteria in 'A Deadly Adoption' Trailer

Thursday June 11th

Lick Lick Lick

In Thailand, a young man wanted to imitate Jackass and launched the challenge to resist the stinging red ant bites

Wednesday June 10th

McKinnney Pool Party

Perfect Blues Version Of The ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’ Theme Song

No, No, No

Monday June 8th

Idaho police Segway training ending in a crash

Flaming Ukelele

Friday June 5th

Twerking gone wrong

Cry Baby

Thursday June 4th

Guy proposes to his girlfriend on a chicken sandwich

Super Baby


Wednesday June 3rd

Shia helps Bruce

The 2015 class of Kahuku High School in Hawaii Shakes If Off

Tuesday June 2nd

Whoopee Cushion

Jingle of the day

Monday June 1st

Maroon 5 "This Summer's Gonna Hurt..." (Warning: NSFW language & Adam Levine's bare ass

Shia Speech

Golf Fail


ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)...

Petch & Amy's 1st Annual Local Awards

Carlisle Fire Co.'s Open House & Recruitment Day 05.16.15

Nemours-AI DuPont Children's Hospital Prom 2015

If you don't know who Petch is, please take the time to listen to this song and get to know him.

Click here to listen

Amy's Version of Chainsmoker's "Selfie"

Click here to listen


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