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Eagle In The Morning

Petch & Amy Podcast

Friday May 22nd

Best Father/Daughter Dance Ever

Friends filmed themselves singing with a selife stick on road trip... until vehicle's tire blows

Thursday May 21st

Justin's Beach House

Dog Loves Guitar

A Guy Scares Off a Charging Bear by Screaming at It

Wednesday May 20th

KFC is bringing back Colonel Sanders

BEST proposal ever! Mother face plants during it

Tuesday May 19th

How many people can you fit in a minibus

Monday May 18th

Students Running as Teacher Whips Children with Belt

Dad orders son with bad grades to smash his Xbox with sledgehammer as punishment

Girl Wears Wrong Shoes to Graduation, Falls Hard

Catch and Release

Thursday May 14th

'Bud Bundy' has a rap career

Two snaps

Boy's first time ever seeing a pay phone

Wednesday May 13th

Dogs Like To Do Yoga With Their Owner

Guy Secretly Made A Dating Video About His Mom To Help Her Find A Boyfriend

Tuesday May 12th

15 types of car singers


Monday May 11th

Guy Passes Out While Driving His Car On The Highway, Crashes Into Everything In Sight

One Man Band Does Marley

Friday May 8th

"Vacation" Red Band Trailer

Who Pooped


Thursday May 7th


Former Olympian Uses Javelin To Pull Out His Daughter's Tooth

Wednesday May 6th

'The Price Is Right' Awarded a Treadmill to Contestant in a Wheelchair

Mo Action Than Mayweather and Manny

Tuesday May 5th

Rapper Freestyles His Entire Order At McDonald’s Like A Boss

Here’s what happens when you film yourself driving while singing Taylor Swift and holding a selfie stick

Monday May 4th

If Waiters Were Honest

Kids Tell Their Parents A Long-Held Secret

Friday May 1st

Police Officer caught Sleeping on Duty

Clever Dog Pulls a Fast One on His Human


ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)...

Carlisle Fire Co.'s Open House & Recruitment Day 05.16.15

Nemours-AI DuPont Children's Hospital Prom 2015

If you don't know who Petch is, please take the time to listen to this song and get to know him.

Click here to listen

Amy's Version of Chainsmoker's "Selfie"

Click here to listen


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